Quite possibly, the best review ever.

Why I do what I do.

For a few months after achieving my new qualification in Integrative Health, I decided to help family and friends first to gain more experience before I started to charge for services.

To be honest, if I didn’t need money to live in this system we have, I would continue to offer free services. It’s those who are unable to pay or don’t know where to turn, that need help the most. I came into contact with Michael, after I was tagged in a post on Twitter.

He explained how the health service had all but abandoned him with a life limiting diagnosis, before and during the pandemic. More than anything what he needed was an ear and some guidance on how he could start to heal, and not be limited by labels and diagnosis.

Michael took on board everything we discussed. I am honoured he trusted me to help him help himself. When I received this email, I’m not going to lie, I cried. Not just for Michael, but the billions of people who suffer ill health within a modern medical model which focuses on treating symptoms, not underlying root cause. So, with his permission, below are his heart felt words.

Thank you Michael, you wonderful human. You helped me believe in myself.

Review: Michael, 40.

A step into the unknown.

I first met Jennie through a mutual acquaintance on social media whilst discussing health concerns of my own. I had suffered a long and agonising period of ill health. Mostly from a condition called pancreatitis which had been intermittently plaguing my life for several years. It left me in excruciating agony for long periods and either hospitalised. At the point of meeting Jennie, I had become completely housebound to the point it was even unbearable to walk around my flat.

Once acquainted, we began by talking about my health complaints and previous treatments and investigations. This included many courses of antibiotics, several variations of pain relief and anti- inflammatory medications. All of which had either made my suffering worse or was simply a short-term fix. Which came back on me tenfold in other variations of different health complaints, ranging from kidney infections, chest infections, deep joint pains and even dislocation of my hip.

Jennie was very open and honest on our first conversation. To be honest it was hard to hear because it was also hard to trust a new way of thinking. I had become reliant on the opinion of my GP and therefore followed their instructions religiously and without question.

I realised that a lot of the previous advice I was being given was actually in fact the cause of many of my own ailments.

The start

We started out with a toxicity questionnaire which absolutely blew my mind, I was upset by what it had highlighted. The bags around my eyes, the continual fatigue I had been suffering from for years. Plus the sheer amount of malnutrition I was unknowingly inflicting on myself.

Having never been shown or even told about this kind of questionnaire by my own GP was quite a shock. It was a bold and proud statement to Jennie and how she used her knowledge of the human body to dissect and inform and how we can naturally change the way we heal, without the now common reliance on medication.

Jennie went on with her explanations of what the medications I had been taking were actually doing inside my body. And how the lasting effects of them were in fact hampering my recovery rather than supporting it.

I have spent almost 20 years healthcare myself, and I was shocked to my core. Not only what I was hearing, but also how some of the changes Jennie had advised were already making a significant difference to my health. And subsequently my life.

We decided on a plan of what I wanted to achieve which was hard. My main goal was to regain mobility. So that I could take my two children out on the bikes they got for Christmas. To do that I first had to begin my recovery.

Jennie advised me of some huge dietary changes that I needed to make first. As a total meat eater and crisp addict this actually scared the hell out me! But Jennie was there to support me through it all with continual messaging and zoom conferences.

Jennie formulated a diet that was strict but necessary to my recovery. I decided that I needed to my trust in this new way of living, and this new friend I had found.

I made the bold move of my own to stop a lot of the prescribed medication I had been so reliant on, and informed Jennie of this decision. Jennie explained the risk. I continued with my decision and put my faith in the new things I was learning. Within a matter of a first days, I began to feel the difference.

The new diet was refreshing to a meat eaters lifelong suffering system. The new vegetable approach made me feel more alert and my pain had begun to ease in my stomach. My bowels became more regulated and my sleep became more frequently undisturbed.

I’m not going to lie though, it was really hard to adhere to to begin with but again. Jennie was there to encourage me and continually support me through it. The number of questions I sent her way could write a book! But Jennie continued to bat out the answer with her vast knowledge and every time she was 100% right!

Jennie was provided me with so much knowledge during my treatment plan, that it really did change the way I now live my life. I meditate regularly using methods from the plan Jennie constructed. Every day I continue to use the same original dietary plan that Jennie set out for me.

Make Goals

My goal was to be able to take my children out on their bikes. Thanks to Jennie I have actually surpassed that goal. I am now happily riding my own bike alongside them. Since making changes, my pancreatitis has not caused any more problems. After speaking with my gastroenterologist and after several scans the inflammation in my pancreas, has all but ceased to cause problems.

Many people are often sceptical of reviews like I was once was but I honestly can’t ever thank Jennie enough! From the bottom of my heart, Jennie is one of the kindest and sincere people I have met in my life.

With her support and knowledgeable guidance, I have transformed my life from someone who felt it slipping away, to now living it to the full.

The best piece of advice I can give anyone is the following. If you feel unwell and don’t know why then ask yourself two questions? What do I need to do about it? And ‘How do I begin?’. My answer to any of my friends is to send them to my friend Jennie. Because she isn’t my clinical advisor, my doctor or my nurse. Jennie is my friend, and Jennie is a friend to all of the people she meets and simply wants the best for them.

 If you would like an individualised plan to get you started on healing and optimising health, see here for my services.

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