My background and experience

I am a Nurse, Integrative Health Practitioner, mother, daughter, sister, friend, truth seeker, dot connector and aim to be a demystifier of health and science.

My first passion, nursing

My aim is to empower people to take control of their own physical, spiritual and higher selves in order to achieve optimum wellness. After more than 20 years of diverse, well-rounded experience in the fields of nursing, nutrition, clinical practice, research, writing, and education along with a personal journey, I began to offer nursing, nutritional and holistic services, and launch Jenius, Integrative Health Coaching in 2021.

I wanted to be a nurse from the age of 3, and opted to watch programs on child birth, or other health-based adult programs, rather than cartoons. The intuitive desire to want to be a nurse was strong, I was lucky I always knew the path I wanted to take.

From 16 I worked in a nursing home, and started my nurse training in 1996. I worked mainly in Critical Care within the NHS, with my last role as a Critical Care Outreach Matron. I had a massive growth in clinical knowledge and skills during this time.

The role entailed reviewing acutely unwell patients in the ward areas, and ensuring optimum, prompt care and access to ICU when needed. It required sharp assessment skills, fast diagnosis and treatment and team working.

A stressful, but rewarding job. I always felt privileged to care for people at their worst or most vulnerable. I continue to provide in-person nursing services from my home Treatment Room or in the home of the client.

Although my horizons have broadened I will always be a nurse at the core.

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I never stopped studying or learning and during this time, I decided to undertake a Masters in Medical Ethics and Law. I relished in the course and enjoyed debates about organ transplant, euthanasia, consent, research ethics and the law surrounding the often tricky subject of medicine and care.

I sat on a Resuscitation and Research Ethics Committee and always strived to put patient care as the first priority.

I was the youngest member and only nurse there. I learnt more during this time about life, brilliance and innovation. I learnt nothing is as simple as black and white where individuals and people are concerned.

There is often no right or wrong answer and laws are not always clear cut. Essentially it cemented my belief that we are all autonomous beings, and to be in control of our own health and indeed life, we have to have information and be able to decide the best course of action for ourselves.


I always had a keen interest in nutrition from the time of High School, not that I ever really practised what I learnt at that time. It wasn’t until I hit a problem with my own health, that I started to look at diet and exercise in more detail.

I drowned myself in books on healing and nutrition and decided to take a course in order to be able to provide help and advice as part of my own clinical practice. I learned it really is not that complicated, and small changes in diet can lead to big changes in health.

Many chronic health conditions such as auto immune diseases, digestive issues, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol can be managed with diet and reduce the need for medication.

Nutrition does not just look at food, but focuses on digestive health, microbiome, blood sugar control, genetics, environmental factors and micro/macro nutrient balance using whole foods and natural supplementation.

Although the adopted medical model currently in use has excellent and life saving work happening, it often fails in looking at root cause and individual needs in terms of overall health and well being.

Most medical doctor visits are over in 15 minutes. It is impossible to address all aspects of health in this time. There is so much information but also confusion out there about which diet is best, along with many fads or trends.

The Jenius Concept, whether just using information on the website or a personal consultation, aims to simplify and address individual issues and ways to manage them.

The information provided in The Jenius Concept, will help you find your own way towards what works best for you, educating and empowering you at the same time.

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Redox Signalling

During my period of healing and my own health challenges, I hit a wall in terms of consistency, despite eating well, exercising and doing all the right things. There was not much I had not tried, in terms of supplements, tinctures, teas, juices, herbal remedies etc.  I was my own guinea pig.

Out of nowhere came a breakthrough when another fellow nurse who I had been communicating with, introduced me to redox signalling molecules.

It transformed my journey and now I am a proud associate of the product. Redox signalling is a unique breakthrough patented technology supporting cellular function and mitochondrial health. It has been shown to be beneficial in particular with chronic fatigue and other auto immune conditions, and easing symptoms of pain, inflammation, anxiety.

I have even heard people refer to it as “consciousness in a bottle”. If you would like more information on the product range or how to become an associate and join my team, please send a message.


I have been involved in teaching and mentoring fellow nurses all my career and strive for excellence in all areas of expertise. My passion is teaching and empowerment of a whole-self approach to nourishment, and bridging the gaps between science, spirituality, and art in medicine.

I thoroughly enjoy unveiling hidden, lost or forgotten  research in alternative areas of health with sound, vibrational, frequency and light healing or being a medical detective and piecing together a jigsaw. I decided to solidify everything learnt into one further qualification, Integrative Health Practitioner.

I also practice Reiki and am an intuitive tarot card reader. I am incredibly lucky to have an excellent online and local network of complimentary practitioners, such as osteopaths, physiotherapists, sport professionals, astrologists, Reiki healers, colour therapists, tarot card readers, mediums, functional medical doctors and beyond.

They will be introduced regularly on the blog. The blog will cover a wide variety of posts but always to do with health, healing and staying on target.

Let’s get started.


Integrative Health Practitioner Level 1 (Integrative Health Stephen Cabral)

Bachelor of Science (BSc. 1996-1999) BSc & BSc (Hons) Nursing and Registered Nurse. University of Hertfordshire, UK

Master of Arts (M.A 2003-2005)  Medical Ethics and Law. Keele University, UK

Diploma (Dip. 2019-) Naturopathic Nutrition, UK 

Post Graduate (Level 3, 120 credits 2007-2010) in High Dependency and Intensive Care Nursing Anglian Ruskin University, UK.

Professional Courses:

  • Introduction to Research Ethics
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Advanced Life Support Instructor
  • Infection Control
  • ICU transfer and training
  • Teaching and assessing ENB 998 (mentorship)

Professional Experience

I have over 20 years broad professional experience in almost all clinical aspects of in-patient care, with a focus on managing critically ill patients in the hospital setting and private nursing care in the primary care setting.

Experience in teaching, mentoring and developing education resources for learning, research and medical ethics and has a keen focus on informed consent and autonomy.

I believe that people should be armed with information in order to be empowered to take steps towards their own optimum health.

I have a great passion and personal experience enabling people to lead their healthiest life, and help guide people through the often thought to be complex worlds of medicine and provide individualised, person centred holistic care..

Skillset Summary

  • 20+ years in the nursing, medical ethics and health fields.
  • Integrative Health Practitioner Level 1.
  • Proud associate of ASEA, breakthrough redox signalling molecules.
  • Tailored expertise in nutrition, phytonutrients, detoxification, lifestyle medicine, functional medicine, brain health, whole-self nourishment, personalized nutrition, mind-body medicine, and women’s health. Nutrition advocate to a large spectrum of the market, from the patient to the practitioner.
  • Visionary for an integrated approach to health and well being, spanning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of one’s being.
  • Master manifestor and intuitive tarot card reader.
  • Hopi ear candling.
  • Spiritual Counselor and guide.

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