Is it Covid-19 or is something else making people sick? Part II

Is something happening that cannot be explained just by Covid -19 alone, is something else making people sick? In Part I, I discussed solar activity and geomagnetic disturbances that are well documented to cause an increase in various health complaints.

There is evidence that at solar minima and maxima, outbreaks of infectious diseases occur in the form of pandemics. But are there other variables that are making people sick?

We are continuously exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our environment which are either of natural origin (geomagnetic field, intense solar activity, thunderstorms) or manmade (factories, transmission lines, cell towers, mobile phones, smart meters and other electric appliances at work and home).

In this post, I will discuss non-ionising radiation and examine the evidence behind its impact on health and behaviour.

Low Angle Photograph of Black Metal Tower Satellite during Daytime

Personal Experience

Until around 3 years ago, I had never really considered the harm exposure to electromagnetic fields could do. Until I experienced symptoms myself.

I have always been a country girl. 10 years ago I moved to the beautiful coast of Portugal. We often found it difficult to find a mobile phone signal in the area we lived. Then almost 4 years ago, I moved into a new house in the middle of a medium-sized town.

Working from home sometimes meant 10 hours plus in front of my laptop, on WIFI plus in between phone use. I started to experience pins and needles in my hands after using my laptop and phone. I also started to have issues with my thyroid, gut health and emotional balance, all of which have been shown to link with exposure to manmade and natural electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency.

Photo by from Pexels

Look up

So I began to investigate. I instinctively knew something was not right. While other variables are at play, has all this increased exposure to the electrosmog around us triggered a period of worsening health?

When I looked up I was shocked to see how many small cell 4G towers are on top of residential buildings. I can access maybe 15 different WIFI networks from every room in my house. Next time you are out and about, look how many of those towers are in our residential area, along with all the new infrastructure and 5G. You can see them on top of hospitals, schools, shopping centres etc. It is hard to escape.

Measuring Levels

You cannot see electromagnetic fields around us. You can’t smell it. Some people can feel them, many cannot. If you could see it and smell it, maybe people would understand instinctively it cannot be good for us, or other living entities. Some experts compare it to risks associated with passive smoking

I spent £400 on an EMF/RF monitor and was shocked by what I found. Anything that uses WIFI or cellular technology (ie. your phones) kick out a huge amount of EMFs. The worst offenders were using the smartphone on cellular data, the WIFI routers and game controllers.

I have a radiator you can control via your phone, which is now never used as the emissions were sky-high. Bluetooth also emits high levels. In fact, anything “smart” emits.

The search for the source

Not only did I discover how much individual devices kick out, I learnt ambient levels in my house were also high. Why that is I have never really got to the bottom of it. I have taken as many steps as I can to reduce exposure, for example, using a cable for my wifi and disconnecting wifi from the house.

A telegraph pole outside my house was the chief suspect but the company checked it and said it was fine…….Then I started to look up. In a very small area, there are 5 residential apartments near me with mobile phone masts on them. They aren’t great big huge towers like they used to be, they are much smaller cells.

Like everything, this was multifactorial, but which played the biggest part? I came across the very informative BioInitiative Report (2012) and dug deeper.

BioInitiative Report 2012

The BioInitiative Report is a report on the relationship between the electromagnetic fields (EMF) associated with powerlines, wireless devices and health.

In the 9 years since the BioInitiative 2012 Report was published, there has been a substantial increase in research into the harms of electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation (EMF/RFR). The large majority of studies report biological effects as opposed to ’no effect’.  

The trend continues to show that exposure to low-intensity ELF-EMF/Static Fields and RFR at levels allowable under current federal public safety limits pose health risks.

There are a number of studies showing ‘effect vs no effect’ for free radical (oxidative damage), comet assay studies, genetic and neurological studies and electrohypersensitivity.

In the 2012 Report there were 1800 studies that demonstrated:
  • Abnormal gene transcription (Section 5)
  • Genotoxicity and single-and double-strand DNA damage (Section 6)
  • Stress proteins because of the fractal RF-antenna like nature of DNA (Section 7)
  • Chromatin condensation and loss of DNA repair capacity in human stem cells (Sections 6 and 15)
  • Reduction in free-radical scavengers – particularly melatonin (Sections 5, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17)
  • Neurotoxicity in humans and animals (Section 9)
  • Carcinogenicity in humans (Sections 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17)
  • Serious impacts on human and animal sperm morphology and function (Section 18)
  • Effects on offspring behaviour (Section 18, 19 and 20)
  • Effects on brain and cranial bone development in the offspring of animals that are exposed to cell phone radiation during pregnancy (Sections 5 and 18).

This is only a snapshot of the evidence presented in the BioInitiative 2012 updated report. For a full report, see here.

Rabbit Holes

Once reading about the known biological harms of radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields I fell down a rabbit hole that took me a while to come out from.

It is established the lower range frequencies already in use are harmful. Yet they continue with the rollout of 5G all over the world and send satellites into space to beam down the internet to us from the ionosphere, adding new untested frequencies because of the desire for all to become connected to the Internet of Things (IOT).

The IoT is all part of the World Economic Forum’s Sustainability Goals and to “Build Back Better”. This also links in with the plans of Agenda 21/30. If you don’t know what they are, you should really research them as it puts everything in context as to why this is a key agenda.

The World Economic Forum’s definition of the IoT is:

A growing suite of connected devices and smart technologies, commonly referred to as the internet of things (IoT), offers a means to reimagine and transform physical spaces—our homes, offices, factories, farms, healthcare facilities and public spaces—to be more adaptive, customized and even anticipate new needs before they arise.

Shaping the Future of Urban Transformation > Platforms | World Economic Forum (

If that doesn’t terrify you enough security and privacy concerns are often talked about, but links to health are whitewashed. Why would they knowingly roll out something that is well evidenced to cause harm?

Talking about 5G and known harms has been labelled a conspiracy theory. In fact, with the advent of Covid-19, it became something to mock, joke about and not take seriously at all. Is there a case of “look over here, not over there” going on?


Electromagnetism can be discussed in two ways-in terms of fields and in terms of radiation.

A field is something that exists in space around an object. Both electric and magnetic fields are static, unvarying. When the factor of time is introduced, by varying the intensity of the field as in a radio antenna, an electromagnetic field results.

The fluctuations in the field radiate outward from the transmitter as waves of energy, although the streams behave as streams of massless, charged particles or photons. Sometimes this is referred to as an electromagnetic field or electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation

Each energy wave consists of an electric field at right angles to each other, both at right angles to the direction they are travelling. The number of waves formed per second is the frequency. The distance the energy travels (at the speed of light) during one oscillation is its wavelength.

Electromagnetic radiation spans an enormous range of frequencies. The shortest Gamma waves vibrate sextillions of times a second. Along with X Rays and the shortest UV light wavelengths are termed ionising radiation, because their highly photonic energy can knock electrons away from atoms, causing highly reactive ions where they don’t belong, causing oxidative stress and DNA damage.

All the lower frequencies, beginning with longer UV wavelengths are classed as non-ionising.

Microwaves are measured in gigahertz (GHz) and megahertz (MHz), extending through the radio frequencies (RF) down to extremely low frequencies, that converge on zero. The MW and RF spectrum are further broken up into extremely high, superhigh, ultrahigh, very high, high medium, low, very low and extremely low frequencies.

What is Non- Ionising Radiation?

Non-ionizing radiation (NIR) is the part of the electromagnetic field (EMF) spectrum covering static electric and magnetic fields, low-frequency electric and magnetic fields, radiofrequency (RF) EMFs, and microwaves, including optical radiation such as infrared and visible light.

Frequency spectrums:

Terrestrial TV :700 MHz

2G-4G :2.4-2.6 GHz


  • C-band: 2–6 GHz for coverage and capacity
  • Super Data Layer: Over 6 GHz (e.g., 24–29 GHz and 37–43 GHz) for high bandwidth areas
  • Coverage Area: Below 2 GHz (like 700 MHz) for indoor and broader coverage areas

Starlink: Satellites in both the LEO ( low earth orbit) and VLEO (very low earth orbit) constellations will use spectrum in the 37.5-37.75 GHz range.

In the past 2 years depending on where you live, exposure to these new frequencies in the non-ionising spectrum will have rapidly increased.

Electromagnetic fields are not a foreign substance to living beings like lead or cyanide. With foreign substances, the greater the dose, the greater the effect — a dose-response relationship.

Rather, living beings are electrochemical systems that use low-frequency EMFs in everything from protein folding through cellular communication to nervous system function. To model how EMFs affect living beings, one might compare them to the radio we use to listen to music…

If you impose on the radio an appropriately tuned EMF or harmonic, even if it is very weak, it will interfere with the music. Similarly, if we impose a very weak EMF signal on a living being, it has the possibility of interfering with normal function if it is properly tuned.

That is the model that much biological data and theory tell us to use, not a toxicological model.

Allen Frey Biologist

We can’t see them, but can we feel them?

Except for light and infrared heat, it is thought that we cannot perceive any of these energies without instruments. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that people do indeed feel them, they just translate into different sensations or symptoms that may not be explained.

Many people, including myself, feel these energies and frequencies to a varying degree and can identify them. We are after all electromagnetic beings. Our bodies are finely tuned navigation and detection machines. We may not consciously feel it, but how does it affect our bodies unique and sophisticated systems?

Electromagnetic beings

The human body produces complex electrical activity in several different types of cells. As all electricity does, this activity also creates a magnetic field. Human electricity energy is generated by chemical processes in nerve cells.

Billions of nerve impulses travel throughout the human brain and nervous system. Neurons are the basic unit of the nervous system. Neurons transmit information in the form of electrical signals.

The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain.

Since we are nothing but electromagnetic energy, we are magnets — hugely powerful, highly charged magnets, we are very susceptible to the energies around us.

Therefore it is easy to imagine that these man-made abnormal frequencies are interfering with our natural state and affecting large swathes of the population. Electromagnetic Hypersensity is very real yet not widely accepted within the modern medical model.

What is Electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a phenomenon characterized by the appearance of symptoms after exposure of people to electromagnetic fields.

It is characterized as a syndrome with a broad spectrum of non-specific multiple organ symptoms including both acute and chronic inflammatory processes located mainly in the skin and nervous systems, as well as in respiratory, cardiovascular systems, and the musculoskeletal system.


Symptoms can vary a lot between sufferers, but will normally include some of the following:

  • Sleep disturbance and tiredness
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Restlessness and Irritability
  • Concentration problems and forgetfulness
  • Nausea and poor appetitie
  • A stinging or pricking sensation in the face or body
  • Recurrent infections
  • Flu like symptoms
  • Thyroid (hyper or hypo)
  • Learning difficulties
  • Frequent infections
  • Blood pressure changes
  • Limb and joint pains
  • Palpitations in the heart; arrhythmias; pain or pressure in the chest; slow or fast heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Numbness or tingling sensations
  • Tinnitus, hearing loss
  • Dry sinuses, throat or eyes
  • Impaired balance
  • Nosebleeds; internal bleeding;
  • Altered sugar metabolism;
  • Immune abnormalities

As all the above can be caused by many variables, the role of electromagnetic hypersensitivity is often overlooked. Functional Medicine and Integrative Health Practitioners are very aware of the impacts of how they can impact our health.


I am old enough to remember when mobile phone technology was first rolled out. Locals were outraged at huge mobile phone masts in their area. Journalists covered potential harms. Clusters of outbreaks of cancer were found near mobile phone masts.

I remember my Dad using one of the earlier phones and commenting how it heated his ear and it felt like his brain was on fire.

Then people started to forget and accept it as a part of life. By the time 4G was rolled out not many cared because they were hooked on having instant 24-hour access to the web and being able to share what they just ate to their followers.

The below documentary is a great watch, explaining many of the concerns around wireless and cellular communication.

We went from sending the odd text and short phone calls because bills were so expensive in the late 1990s, to having gigabits of free data, information at our fingertips and a constant stream of exposure.

Ever since 1893, when Tesla first used an AC power system at the Chicago World Fair, exposure to artificial radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) has increased significantly.

The intensity of electromagnetic radiation in the environment is increasing and currently reaches astronomical levels that had never before been experienced on our planet.

The best read on electromagnetism and life. Robert O.Becker published in 1987

Harm is not new knowledge

The harm of EMFs and RFs has been known for more than two centuries. Ancient civilisations used vibration and frequency in ranges that were beneficial to health and wellbeing. Some frequencies can be beneficial, but not the ones we have in general use to support our communication systems.

Robert O. Becker, found that regeneration and wound healing could be improved by applying electricity to a wound. He also found that bone has piezoelectric properties which would cause an application of force to generate a healing current, stimulating growth at stress locations in accordance with Wolff’s law. It is all about the application, and what is “natural” to our bodies.

Intolerance to electricity

The French botanist Thomas-François Dalibard – who carried out electrical experiments on living organisms, confided in a letter to Benjamin Franklin dated 1762 that he was unable to continue his work as he had developed an intolerance to electricity.

He was one of the first people to be officially declared electro-hypersensitive (EHS). It is clear that this botanist must have been severely affected. Other professors and researchers had the same unfortunate experience and were thus forced to stop their work.

The famous Benjamin Franklin was affected by a neurological illness during his researches on electricity from 1753 onwards, and the symptoms are largely reminiscent of electro-hypersensitivity.

Poss Electric - FACT OF THE DAY!!!! Benjamin Franklin... | Facebook

By the end of the 18th century, it was generally acknowledged that electricity could make people ill, depending on the sex, the morphology and the physical condition of the individual concerned.

It had also been observed that certain individuals reacted strongly to changes in the weather, which often
correlated with electrical changes in the atmosphere. For more information on that see Part I of this deep dive series.

Acceleration of coverage post WWII

The greatest changes though have all come in the generations following World War Two. With massive accelerations since the mid-1980s until today. Shorter radio waves that bounce off the ionosphere for long-distance communication began before the war.

In 1947 Bell set up the first microwave phone relay towers in the United States, the same year television broadcasts began, also transmitted by microwaves.

We are now awash in a sea of energies life has never before experienced, with further layers being added in the last 2 years in terms of 5G and Elon Musk’s Starlink, all adding to the electrosmog that surrounds us.

The human species has changed its electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of the environment. The density around us is now 100 million or 200 hundred million times than the sun.

Starlink is now live.

From the end of the 19th century onwards, urban landscapes were transformed by the installation of telegraph lines throughout industrialized countries.

This technology used voltages of the order of 80 volts on a single conductor, with the return current being earthed. That period saw the emergence of the first stray currents to which living beings were exposed.

It was then that saw the appearance of diseases of civilization such as neurasthenia. Neurasthenia is very similar to electro-hypersensitivity, which is the more modern term for the same sensitivity to electricity.

Telegraphic sickness and Neurasthenia

Post-WWII around half of the telegraphists who were employed to manipulate the electrical current sent through the lines were exposed to very strong electromagnetic fields. They were afflicted by telegraphic sickness. Once again, the symptoms were the same as those of EHS.

Around 1915, it was the telephone operators who were experiencing the same symptoms – as they were exposed to electromagnetic fields from the communications for hours on end at their desks. In 1989, it was noted that in Winnipeg 47% of the telephone operators were suffering from the same symptoms.

The best resource on this information is Arthur Firstenberg and The Invisible Rainbow and The Body Electric by Robert O Becker.

Freud’s renaming of electrical disease

In 1894, psychiatrist Sigmund Freud wrote an article whose effect was disastrous for all the unfortunates who suffered from telegraphic sickness, neurasthenia, microwave syndrome or EHS.

Freud listed symptoms as a general susceptibility to stimuli (especially auditory ones), chronic states of anxious expectation, excessive moral scruples, and the well-known somatic problems associated with anxiety attacks (such as dizziness, night terrors, animal phobias, and agoraphobia).

Sigmund Freud, or Fraud as I like to call him

Neurosis Anxiety

Rather than seeing the external cause, which was electromagnetic pollution, he attributed these symptoms to disordered thoughts or poorly controlled emotions. As a result, today millions of citizens affected by electronic smog are being medicated instead of reducing their exposure to this pollutant.

Sigmund Freud renamed neurasthenia, which was known to be caused by electricity, neurosis anxiety, an anxiety attack or a panic attack. This opened the way for the reckless deployment of electrification to continue unimpeded.

Freud explained that the mind experiences anxiety when it is unable to face an external danger, and anxiety neurosis when the source of sexual excitation is internal. He hypothesized that anxiety neurosis is the “somatic counterpart to hysteria”, which is provoked by psychic conflict. He made the cause an internal one, not an external one.

It should be noted that in Russia, neurasthenia is listed as an environmental illness, as Freud’s damaging redefinition was rejected there.

Photo by David Garrison from Pexels

Subliminal Stress

Howard Friedman took a look at the influence of extremely low magnetic fields on rabbits. He found that rabbits who had protozoa infections worsened under the application of electromagnetic stress. He ran biomedical tests and found that the fields were causing a general stress response, marked by large amounts of the stress hormone, cortisone.

Further research by Dr Hans Seyle, Dr O Becker and Friedman have shown that electromagnetic stress activates the immune and hormonal systems. Decompensation mechanisms kick in leaving animals (and humans) more susceptible to other stressors, including malignant growth and disease.

Chronic Illness


In the Mid 1970’s Russain researchers found stress hormones released in rats exposed to microwaves, even if they are only irritated briefly. Reactions have been found in fields as low as 50 Hz. They found that after prolonged exposure the activated stress system changes to a depressed one, exhausting the adrenal cortex.

Udintsev found activation of the fight/flight hormones centring on adrenaline from the adrenal medulla. Even after one day of exposure, levels did not return to normal for 1-2 weeks. He also documented an insulin deficiency and rise in blood sugar from the same field.

One puzzling observation is that if we are usually under attack or in “fight/flight” we are aware of it, even if it is triggered by the subconscious. The animals in the research seemed to act normally, with no outward signs of fear, agitation or illness.


In 1976 a group under J. Noval found the slow stress response to very weak electric fields was as low as five-thousandths of a volt per cm. They discovered when fields vibrated in the ELF range, they increased the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain stem, activation a destress signal without the animal being aware.

The scariest part of this is that the level is the same as the background level of an office in the 1980s. Imagine what it is like nowadays.

Blood Brain Barrier

In a study published in 1975 in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Frey reported that microwaves could induce “leakage” in the barrier between the circulatory system and the brain.

Breaching the blood-brain barrier is a serious matter. It means that bacteria, viruses and toxins from the blood can enter the brain. It means the brain’s environment, which needs to be extremely stable for nerve cells to function properly, can be perturbed in other dangerous ways.

Is it possible the increase in exposure of extremely low magnetic fields and higher ranges have impacted the way in which we humans are able to manage the stress response? Why are so many people suffering from adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, depression, poor immune health, cancer, heart disease, inflammation, obesity….?


There is no direct relationship between dose and effect, which makes it even more difficult to associate harm. However, a low power density sometimes does things that a higher one does not.

We also can’t tell how much is absorbed, or what part of the body receives it. This is the same for electric and magnetic fields. Fur, skin, feathers, and general shape and size of the organism exposed complicate RF and MW absorption.

While there are many other variables that can be attributed to symptoms linked with EHS, no precautionary principle is being considered in terms of our cumulative daily exposure.

Cell phones

The selling of cell phones is, and always has been, based on lies and deception. The biggest lie is that they are “low power” devices and that this makes them safe. That is a double lie.

It is a lie because they are not low power. If you put a cell phone in your hand or next to your body, you are being blasted by more microwave radiation from your phone than you are getting from any cell tower, and by ten billion times as much microwave radiation as you are getting from the sun, the Milky Way, or any other natural sources.

The exposure guidelines established by the Federal Communications Commission reflect this reality: cell towers are permitted to expose your body at a specific absorption rate of 0.08 watts per kilogram, while cell phones are allowed to expose your brain at a specific absorption rate of 1.6 watts per kilogram, which is twenty times higher.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

SAR Ratings

The SAR rating was first revealed in 1996 when the Federal Communication Commission released specific guidelines on human exposure to cell phone radiation. SAR stands for a specific absorption rate.

They created SAR as a means of measuring how much RF your body can take when making a call. The outcome of these proceedings was that a person cannot absorb more than 1.6 watts of energy per kilogram of body weight.

This upper limit of specific absorption rate is set well below the level of radiation that would endanger a user’s health. It is the result of intense laboratory testing and it has become a standard for all smartphone manufacturers.

In other words, the SAR specification on a phone can only tell you the highest measurement taken for each frequency reached by the device, and not how much radiation you absorb.

The highest SAR was also set relative to the heat produced by RF radiation, and it has nothing to do with its possible side effects for your health, such as cancer or brain damage.

How do I find out my phone’s SAR rating?

You can find out the SAR rating of your phone here. As a general rule, avoid keeping near your head and using on loudspeaker when making calls and limit the use of a mobile phone or using cellular data to scroll. Switch everything off if you are not using it, and don’t sleep with a phone by your bed.

I have done experiments with both, the highest levels of RF/EMF are when you are streaming information via cellular data or making a call.

If you have ever wondered how they measure the impact of SARS on mobile phones, here is an eye-opening video.

Foam heads not biological ones

Did you know they don’t test them on actual biological beings but foam heads without brains?

They also don’t test them directly in contact with the head or body and assume that a mobile phone is transmitting at its maximum possible power for a period of 6 minutes. How many minutes have you held your phone close to your head or body today?

Remember that if you are connected to mobile data or wifi, the apps are constantly updating and pulsing waves.

Depending on the location of the tissue, and the thermal conductivity of neighbouring tissue and local blood flow, ‘maximum SAR’ figures can vary over at least a 10-fold range.

The foam head our mobile phone technology is safety tested on.

Big Tech

Big Tech is no better than Big pHARMa. The industry regulates itself. No precautionary principle is used.

In other words, they know it causes and has caused biological harm, but they do not care. Profits are king. Even the regulatory body ICNIRP (International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation protection) handpicks research articles to use to justify their stance. ICNIRP is full of ex-industry board members, meaning the industry regulates itself.

ICNIRP and Contradictions

It is widely thought that non-ionising radiation does not cause harm as it does not cause thermal effects. The following quotes are taken directly from the ICNIRP website.

There are a number of differences between 5G and previous wireless standards. One of these is that, in addition to the EMF frequencies that are used for 3G and 4G standards, some 5G communication technologies utilise higher EMF frequencies (e.g. 28 GHz is currently used in the USA). EMFs at higher frequencies produce relatively superficial exposure, with less power penetrating deep into the body; the restrictions in the ICNIRP guidelines account for this to ensure that exposure does not cause any harm.

Different EMF frequencies also behave differently in the environment, and as a result additional antennas are required to utilise the higher frequencies. These are not expected to affect the exposure scenario appreciably, and initial measurement studies suggest that exposure from 5G antennas will be approximately similar to that from 3G and 4G antennas.

RF EMFs have the ability to penetrate the human body, with the main effect of this being a rise in temperature in the exposed tissue. 

However, above a certain level (referred to as the threshold), RF exposure and the accompanying temperature rise can provoke serious health effects, such as heatstroke and tissue damage (burns).

Although the proportion of power that is absorbed superficially (as opposed to deeper in the body) is larger for the higher frequencies, the ICNIRP (2020) restrictions have been set to ensure that the resultant peak spatial power will remain far lower than that required to adversely affect health. Accordingly, 5G exposures will not cause any harm providing that they adhere to the ICNIRP (2020) guidelines.

The ICNIRP RF EMF guidelines have taken the above considerations into account and protect against all potential adverse health effects relating to exposure to RF EMFs from 5G technologies. This includes potential differences in the effect of RF EMFs as a function of age, health status, and depth of penetration, the effect of both acute and chronic exposures, and it includes all substantiated effects regardless of mechanism.

These changes include the addition of whole body average restrictions for frequencies >6 GHz, restrictions for brief (<6 minutes) exposures for frequencies >6 GHz, and the reduction of the averaging area for frequencies >6 GHz.

So they don’t know for sure, they think the thresholds will be protective, but the massive flaw is all these tests are based on 6 minutes of exposure. We are under constant exposure. ICNIRP decide on the studies they want to add to make their conclusions and discard the rest.

Tissue penetration

The most influential process of EMF impact on living organisms is its direct tissue penetration. The current established standards of exposure to EMFs are based on the non-thermal effect. So not only are they ignoring the fact they can cause thermal effects, they also ignore a whole body of evidence on other effects on all living beings.

It is well known that weak EMF could cause all sorts of dramatic non-thermal effects in body cells, tissues and organs. On May 31st, 2011, The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio electromagnetic fields as a category 2B as potentially carcinogenic.

Many experts believe that should be changed to a Group 1 Carcinogen, in the same arena as arsenic and smoking. There are over 25,000 research papers that come up on google scholar on EMF and cancer risk.

So what has all this got to do with Covid- 19?

If you have stuck with me for this long, thank you. We have already established that as early as the 1800s the effect on living beings and electromagnetism has been acknowledged. Further research has confirmed biological harm does happen, even at extremely low frequencies.

In Part I, I looked at the symptoms of Covid-19, and how they overlap with the biological influence of solar activity and geomagnetic storms. I had undertaken a piece of citizen research and found that many people were suffering from strange symptoms, and not testing positive for SARS CoV2. Is there any overlap with the symptoms of Covid and EHS? Let’s see.

Symptoms reported by people who tested positive on a PCR/Antigen test, negative or did not test at all.

  • Women reporting menstrual cycle changes after being ill with SARS CoV2 positive antigen or PCR test
  • Women reporting menstrual changes after being around or having sexual intercourse with a recently vaccinated person
  • Urinary symptoms, dark urine
  • Fever
  • Hot burning skin
  • Nerve type pain
  • Crushing headaches
  • Gastro intestinal symptoms
  • Emotional imbalance or feelings of depression
  • Loss of taste/ smell
  • Whole households or people who had been together coming down with symptoms at the same time
  • Tight burning chest
  • Nose bleeds
  • Severe fatigue
  • Back pain

Now to be clear, I am not saying 5G caused Covid-19 although many of the countries with the highest “case” rate have rolled out the infrastructure and switched on 5G in the last 2 years. In addition, Wuhan was also a testbed site for 5G.

Countries who have less 5G seem to have faired better overall. But like everything, there are always more variables in play. Here is an article correlating the overlap between 5G rollout and cases. Is there a link?

Data for COVID-19 (as of September 18, 2020) and rollout of 5G as of September 2020.

The Evidence

We have already mentioned that exposure to even low range EMF’s and non-ionising radiation is harmful to our stress response. In addition, there is evidence of its effect on our central nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine and growth control systems.

It is not difficult to see how radiofrequency radiation could increase the case and death rates when wireless radiation and SARS-CoV-2 share common mechanisms of harm to human and animal cells and wireless radiation exposure produces conditions that enhance susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2.

Both interfere with cell signalling via the phosphorylation pathways, increase intracellular calcium ion concentrations by activating VGCC’s (volted gate calcium channels), and interfere with the actions of cell membranes.

Radiofrequency radiation negatively impacts the immune system, reduces oxygen availability to blood cells and tissues, increases oxidative stress and inflammation, and reduces glutathione levels and vitamin D availability, all of which assist viral infection.

Additionally, severe inflammation has been reported in COVID-19 cases, and oxidative stress is a cause of inflammation. There are many studies showing that wireless radiation causes oxidative stress and generates free radicals .

A review by an expert committee appointed by the Swiss government found that RF-EMF increased oxidative stress which can lead to changes in oxidative balance, and that those with pre-existing conditions (immune deficiencies or diseases such as diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases) that compromise the body’s defense mechanisms (including antioxidative protection).

Young and elderly individuals can react less efficiently to oxidative stress induced by EMF. So chronic RF exposure creates oxidative stress and oxidative stress leads to inflammation.

RF exposure has also been shown to directly increase inflammation by the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines that cause the immune system to overreact.


Central Nervous System

Your CNS consists of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves that branch off to different parts of your body. Chemical messengers from your brain are transmitted through your nerves as electrical signals to integrate external and internal stimuli. You can think of your CNS as a highway for communication throughout your body, controlling behaviour and cognition.

Your CNS is particularly vulnerable to EMF radiation due to its electrical nature.

When your CNS is out of balance, it can lead to a host of issues related to brain function. Some examples include impaired memory and reduced cognition. These changes can further drive your stress response, leading to the snowball effect previously mentioned.

It has been found that RF-EMF can induce changes in central nervous system nerve cells, including neuronal cell apoptosis, changes in the function of the nerve myelin and ion channels, which may account for a rising number of neurological illnesses.

What’s more, animal studies show that EMF radiation can directly increase symptoms of stress like mood issues and insomnia. Additionally, many people report tingling and numbness in areas exposed to EMF because they affect your CNS. 

All of these effects impact your immune and metabolic health and general wellbeing, leaving you more susceptible to having a worsening illness, Covid-19 or otherwise.

Serotonin/ Melatonin Connection

EMFs can impact the function of the neurotransmitters that you need to maintain a stable mood, specifically serotonin and dopamine. Your body needs serotonin to release melatonin from your pineal gland.


The connection between getting enough sleep and your stress response cannot be understated. While you sleep, your body recharges itself, repairing tissues, storing information, and regenerating cells.

When you wake rested, you’re more likely to have a positive mood, your immune system is stronger, and your mind is sharper.

While many people in modern society struggle with sleep issues, there is a general lack of understanding when it comes to how your body signals that it’s time for bed.

Your body is, in fact, controlled by an internal clock called your circadian rhythm. This clock, which works on a 24-hour time frame, is sensitive to inputs like light, food, and activity.

When your circadian rhythm is working optimally, you’ll fall asleep as a baby and wake rested. One of the primary hormones that assist your circadian rhythm in your sleep cycle is melatonin.

When your body senses that it’s nighttime, your melatonin levels rise. Melatonin then signals your body to relax and makes you feel sleepy.

But here’s the trick, in order for your body to signal the release of melatonin, it must sense a lack of sunlight. Makes sense, right? If the sun is still up, why produce melatonin and get the body sleepy?

We already know from Part I that the solar index has been at its lowest for 150 years, in addition to poor sleep cycles high levels and stress and excessive use of blu light devices and LED lights.

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Research shows that  EMFs can inhibit the release of melatonin due to the fact that your body senses these frequencies as light. That means that you could be sitting in your home at 9 pm, pitch dark outside (maybe even laying in bed with the lights completely off), but if your WiFi is streaming through your home, your body could be sensing daylight.

This lack of melatonin leads to a poor night of sleep, which then translates into a poor ability to handle stress the following day.

Melatonin is a master antioxidant and has been found to be depleted in severe cases of Covid-19. It is also a regulator of immune health and circadian rhythm, impacting the quality and length of sleep.


A study found that rats exposed to EMFs experienced significant drops in the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for stabilizing your mood and providing feelings of wellbeing. Most importantly, however, is the role that serotonin plays in helping your body adapt to stress. As a way to stabilize your stress response, serotonin is released to coordinate coping responses in your physiology.

Interesting to note that researchers have found that Fluvoxamine an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), may reduce the need for hospitalisation. SSRIs mainly work by blocking the reuptake of serotonin into the nerve cell that released it. This means that serotonin acts for longer on your brain and body.


In one study, mice exposed to EMFs experienced a decrease in the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter that is an integral part of your reward system. It’s stimulated when your pleasure centres light up, providing you with a sense of satisfaction.

Therefore, if EMFs are increasing your susceptibility to stress and also inhibiting your serotonin, dopamine and melatonin levels, they are effectively burning the candle at both ends when it comes to your ability to maintain a state of wellbeing and immune health.

Researchers found that exposure to EMFs suicide mortality was increased relative to work in exposed jobs and with indices of exposure to magnetic fields, which may be explained by the change of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Rates of depression, anxiety, insomnia, suicides are all on the rise in the 2020s. Should we not be addressing the elephant in the room?

The endocrine, metabolic and cardiovascular systems


We have already mentioned how EMFs play havoc on a living beings stress response. In addition, EMFs are also known to affect the thyroid gland. Depending on the frequency, the effect is either to stimulate the thyroid and increase metabolic rate or depress and decrease it. Thyroid disorders are ever-increasing.

Cardiovascular System

It has also been found that exposure to EMFs can cause declines in red blood cells (RBC) and oxygen-carrying capacity. At the same time, white blood cells (WBC) also decrease affecting the individual’s ability to fight infections.

Covid-19 is more of a vascular illness than a respiratory one, with huge shunts in the critically ill with ventilation/ perfusion of the lungs. This explains why mechanical ventilation may be associated with poor outcomes. Secondary infections are common, such as pneumonia.

Covid-19 or not, many people are having flares of various infections. There have also been many reports of blood clots post-illness and post-vaccine. Is the impact of EMFs causing further disruption in the endothelial tissue leaving people more prone to symptoms from EMFs?

There is also some evidence that exposure to EMFs directly decreases the efficiency of the heart. This included bradycardia (slow heart rate), a reduction in the strength of the electrical impulses of the heart and a decline in reserve capacity.

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Role of Vitamin B

Dumansky also found evidence of widespread liver dysfunction in rats. Other studies have noted B2 and B6 depletion and disordered distribution of copper, manganese, molybdenum, nickel and iron. Liver dysfunction has been noted in 60% of patients with severe Covid 19.

Vitamin B plays a pivotal role in cell functioning, energy metabolism, and proper immune function.

B Vitamins assist in proper activation of both the innate and adaptive immune responses, reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine levels, improve respiratory function, maintain endothelial integrity, prevents hypercoagulability and can reduce the length of stay in hospital in cases of severe Covid-19.

Vitamin D

I discussed the role of Vitamin D in terms of low solar activity and geomagnetic storms in Part I. Severity of illness and outcome is linked to low levels in critically ill patients with Covid-19. Lower vitamin D levels correlated with worsening systemic inflammation.

A study on rats exposed to EMFs and Vitamin D concluded that adequate levels have an impact on the damage caused. The more functional the level the better protected from damage.

Oxidative stress from low-intensity radiofrequency radiation has been shown in many studies, including the impact of RF oxidative stress in which antioxidant mechanisms are impaired due to the overproduction of reactive oxidant species (ROS).


Glutathione (GSH) an endogenous antioxidant is depleted under certain exposures and is an important cellular defence agent against oxidative damage. Depletion of glutathione, which naturally falls as we age, is believed to be a key factor in the severity of Covid-19.

The use of these antioxidants helped prevent complications of “cytokine storm” and ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) from developing. Glutathione, the master antioxidant that fights oxidative stress is essential for immune system function, also regulates vitamin D levels.

Low levels of glutathione lead to lower vitamin D levels. Deficiency and the associated increased oxidative stress epigenetically alter vitamin D regulatory genes and, as a result, the suppressed gene expression decreases Vitamin D biosynthesis, ultimately leading to a secondary deficiency of vitamin D. See how it all links in?

Volted Gate Calcium Channels (VGCC)

SARS-CoV2 is believed to make ion channels embedded in the host’s cell membranes leak calcium into the cell.  These ion channels involving calcium are specific to the activation of inflammasomes due to SARS-CoV 2 and the overproduction of inflammatory cytokines. 

This activation of this pathway in COVID-19 patients leads to cytokine storm and often ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ) or ALI ( Acute Lung Injury) associated with the high mortality from COVID -19 infection. 

This influx of calcium also occurs with stimulation of voltage-gated channels (VGCC s) by EMF radiation as demonstrated by Dr Martin Pall. Calcium influx from EMFs could therefore also contribute to the triggering of the cytokine storm seen with COVID -19 infections. 

VGCC activation produces five different effects, each of which has roles in stimulating the replication and spread of Coronaviruses:

1.    Excessive intracellular calcium

2.    Oxidative stress

3.    NF-kappaB elevation

4.    Inflammation

5.    Apoptosis (programmed cell death)

Once VGCCs are activated, the ions stimulate the release of nitric oxide. The increase in free radicals leads to oxidative stress which fuels inflammation and decimates mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, leading to mitochondrial dysfunction.

Oxidative Stess

An increase in oxidative stress depletes antioxidants and makes the body more susceptible to not only infections but inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

The tissues in your body with the highest density of VGCCs are your brain and other nervous tissue, like the pacemaker in your heart and your testicles.

Again the increase in RF exposure and calcium channel stimulation triggering ROS  contributes to these disease burdens and their susceptibility to COVID 19.

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Growth systems and immune health

It has already been mentioned that adrenocortical stress is increased under EMFs. The release of corticosteroids activates the immune system. Very short exposures aren’t usually harmful, and may in fact be healthy (under 10 microwatts). However when an organism faces continuous stress the most important result is that it decreases the bodies ability to fight infection and cancer.

Impaired immune response has been found at many frequencies. Udintsev found that only a 1/5 of the number of bacteria would kill a mouse when under the influence of EMFs. Work by Ackasova in 1978 found that only a slightly stronger magnetic field than the earth’s normal stimulates the growth of all bacteria and their resistance to antibiotics.

There is also evidence that fungus, bacteria, viruses and parasites can all flourish or emerge from latency under certain exposures. Having a mold overgrowth can also increase susceptibility to EHS.

We are in a crisis right now of multiple strains of bacteria that have become resistant like MRSA, VRSA and Sypillus. The same is also true of mold and yeast cells. In many cases, longer exposure produced permanent changes in bacterial metabolism.

Gut Health

A huge proportion of our immune system actually lies in the gut. A healthy microbiome has been deemed the most critical factor to preventing COVID-19 infections.

Research has shown a loss of diversity, COVID-19 patients show profound microbiome destruction, with a drastic reduction in the relative abundance of the dominant families well known to be associated with health and to produce SCFAs (short-chain fatty acids).

SCFAs are microbial metabolites with a key, multifaceted role in human metabolic and immunological homeostasis Changes in the microbiome significantly affect our immune system as well as the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous system and endocrine systems.

Weaker immune system and stronger disease?

Impaired immune function is a critical risk factor for infection including COVID-19 infection. Immune dysfunction is clearly documented with multiple effects from exposure to the many different frequencies studied.

If EMFs are really causing weaker immune systems and stronger disease, then to discount its effect on Covid-19 would be negligent. Arthur Firstenberg in the Invisible Rainbow not only links outbreaks of pandemics to solar activity, but also to the electrification of our planet which is now in overdrive.

Certainly, there are additional factors that may be contributing to the rise of new illnesses or the strengthening of disease.

Chemical pollution and junk food diet are the most obvious. However, these diseases as well as birth defects, cancer and other growth-related issues are on the increase. Compulsive use of all drugs from caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and prescription tranquilisers are all on the rise. We are certainly getting sicker and sicker.


If we go back to the list of symptoms that people have been experiencing, whether testing positive to SARS CoV2 or not, many overlap with symptoms of EHS and radiation poisoning.

I have only really touched on some of the research that has been undertaken regarding health and exposure to EMFs. There is a vast amount of evidence on biological harm, from many different processes.

In an age where depression, anxiety disorders, thyroid issues, poor gut health, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, cancer, heart disease, autism, fertility rates dropping, neurological disorders are all on the rise, it is high time we stopped, took a breath and analysed our environment.

Whilst there is no evidence the 5G itself caused the illness Covid-19, there is compelling evidence that our exposure to EMFs increase our toxic load, affect our immune health and contribute to a stress response. All impacting the way in which we may deal with bacteria, viruses, parasites etc.

Children are exposed to increasing levels with attachments to handheld devices. Whilst any disease is often multifactorial, should we be paying more attention to how new infrastructure could be impacting levels of disease in the general population, Covid-19 or not?

I have grave concerns about the future with the advent of smart cities and being connected 24 hours a day to the IoT. It will soon become impossible to escape from. Millions upon millions of people will be affected by worsening EHS symptoms.

Many people discuss privacy, security and mind manipulation technologies associated with the rise in our technological infrastructure. But very few consider health impacts.

The precautionary principle states that if a product, an action, or a policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, protective action should be supported before there is complete scientific proof of a risk.

Fact is, there is no mass study on human populations under the electrosmog we live in today, but there should be. It has been known for many years that there are harmful and healing frequencies. It’s high time we focused on the healing, and not on the harming.

Coming Up.

Part III will cover the link between vaccines and electromagnetism.

Part IV will cover what we can do about reducing our risk and impacts on health. Along with the use of healing frequencies.

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  1. Both part 1 and 2 were very useful sources of relevant/important information. You could have re-emphasised the critical issue around the 97% false positive PCR method of analysis (misuse of the CT parameter) however, I appreciate your approach.

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